Bad Ice Cream

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Bad Ice Cream is an arcade game where you will control your character to move in a giant maze. In this game, you will play the role of ice cream. I played this game and I really had a good time. I experienced exciting characters in the game. Now, let's play and create an exciting moment with me.

Bad Ice Cream unblocked game

Some Features

This is an adventure game where you have to fight monsters in a huge maze. You are trying to create a new ice cream recipe for your store. There, you have to participate in an adventurous journey in the maze and collect different fruits. The fruits that you can collect are bananas, watermelons, grapes, and so on. These are familiar fruits but they are all necessary ingredients to make delicious ice cream.

This game is not simply a journey to collect fruit in a giant maze. While collecting fruit you will face many different types of monsters. These types of monsters will have their own characteristics, which makes it more difficult for you to collect the fruits. The pace of the game becomes fast or slow depending on the type of monster you face. Are you ready for this dangerous journey?

Conquer different modes

This game is divided into 2 main modes, single-player mode, and 2-player mode.

In single-player mode, you will control a single character and move around the map. You control this character avoiding monsters and performing the game's mission. This mode is quite simple when you only need to focus on one character. You just need to observe the monsters around you and find a way out for your character.

In 2-player mode, you will have to control 2 characters at the same time. Your 2 characters will both have to move on the same map and face the same monster. Controlling 2 characters at the same time will help you quickly complete the task faster. However, controlling 2 characters at the same time is not easy. You will have to be aware of the dangers surrounding two characters at the same time. Moreover, these 2 characters have different moves, which makes you distracted while controlling these characters. Sometimes you will be confused about how to control the characters.

Have fun with your friends

Since this game has 2 game modes, you can invite your friends to play in 2-player mode. These 2 characters will appear on the same map, but they have different control keys. You and your friends focus on the task of collecting the fruits. As the amount of fruit is limited, whoever collects more fruit will be the winner. Your score will be calculated in the upper left corner of the screen. Let's invite your friends and have the best experience!

Play on several levels

You will have the opportunity to conquer this game through many different levels. At this time, the game has 45 levels and it is still being developed in the future. The levels of this game will be unlocked one after another. This means you have to complete the challenge on the level before it unlocks the next level. However, this does not mean that you are required to come to the next level of challenges immediately. You can choose the level of play provided these levels are unlocked.

The early-level challenges are quite simple as you only face level-1 monsters. These monsters will move in random directions so you can easily avoid them. The monsters in level one are just a base for you to get acquainted with the mechanics of the game. These monsters will evolve with each level. Get used to the mechanics of the game through the low levels to be able to conquer the challenges of high levels.

The benefits of playing this game

While playing this game you will practice problem-solving and reflexes. Monsters that move fast and attack continuously make you have to have good reflexes. You must flexibly use the movement keys to escape from the monsters. In addition, while facing monsters with special abilities, you need to think of the most effective solutions to escape from the monsters. Thus, you can practice your problem-solving skills.

Bad Ice Cream character

This is a free multiplayer game by Nitrome, it divides characters into 2 types: Ice cream and monsters.

Choose your Ice cream flavor

Ice cream is the character that you control. Currently, the game has 3 main flavors which are the original flavor, strawberry flavor, and chocolate flavor. Before starting the game, you can choose your favorite flavor. You choose the flavor you like and participate in the challenge in the game. Collecting different types of fruit will help the game create new ice creams.

Your ice cream also has a special ability to break the ice and create ice. You blow a blast of air into the ice blocks to destroy the ice blocks. These ice blocks will be destroyed in a sequence until their end. You can also blow a blast of air into an empty spot and form a chain of ice blocks until it is blocked by another object.

There is a small note for you when choosing a character in 2-player mode. You can choose the ice cream flavor you like but you should choose 2 different flavors. When you choose the same flavor, the character on the map will also have the same color. This makes it impossible to distinguish the characters. When you can't distinguish the character, you will not be able to control it. This allows the monsters to quickly come to your place and destroy you.

The ability of the monsters

As I said above, the monsters in this game will evolve following the level of the game. The low levels like level 1 and level 2, you will face simple monsters. These monsters have no special abilities, they just move in random directions on the map. You can easily dodge these monsters collecting fruits.

Level 2 monsters have the ability to break the ice. These monsters have the ability to break ice one by one and move to your location. You can only quickly collect the fruits to pass the level.

Level 3 monsters have the ability to locate you and quickly move to your location. This ability will last for 5 seconds. However, you can also neutralize this ability of monsters by hiding in ice tunnels. After this ability ends you can continue to collect fruit.

The level 4 monsters have enhanced mobility. After moving to flat terrain, these monsters will transform into wooden sticks and roll to your location at high speed. You can be on the lookout for these monsters by keeping an eye on their location on the map. You must quickly escape from their direction of movement when you see them transform into a wooden stick.

The level 5 monster is an evolution of a level 2 monster. So, this monster has the ability to break the ice. This monster has the ability to break 3 icebergs at once and can find the fastest direction to your location. This is the monster you need to watch out for. These are just some of the typical monsters, in addition, this game has countless powerful monsters at high levels. Let's play and conquer all the monsters of this game.

Play and have fun

Your mission

The character you are controlling is ice cream. The game currently has only 3 flavors, you need to collect the fruits on the map to create new flavors. The number of fruits that you have to collect at different levels will vary. Normally, you will have to collect 2 or more fruits. The fruits that you must collect will be available on the map. After you collect these fruits, the next fruit will appear. Overcome dangerous monsters and collect the required fruits of the game. Whether you will face dangerous monsters, do not give up. Let's play and prove your bravery.

Follow the rules

This game will set the time on different levels. You need to complete the quest within this amount of time. Thus, there will be 2 cases leading to your loss. Firstly, you are killed by the attack of the monster and this is also the way players often lose. In the second case, you do not complete the game's mission within the allotted time. Whatever the case, you must not let it happen.

You will control your character to move in the direction of the fruits to collect them. You collect these fruits by touching them. When you touch these fruits, your character will automatically collect these fruits. While moving you need to watch out for the monsters. Depending on the type of monster, you need to have a different way of dealing with it. You need to arrange a reasonable time to be able to collect these fruits. You should also not be too aggressive but must be calm when collecting these fruits. Make sure the monsters have really moved away from you before going to collect the fruits.

How to control your character

Ice cream 1: You use the arrow keys to move and press the Space bar to create and break the ice

Ice cream 2: You use the WASD keys to move your character and press the F key to create and break the ice.

Some tips and tricks

Dealing with monsters game is not easy, so I have given some tips for you to confront the monsters. These tips are what I have summed up while playing the game.

You can break the ice to move to the location of fruits, you can also create ice to prevent monsters from moving to you. Some monsters like level 1 monsters and level 3 monsters won't be able to find you while you're in the ice vault. Especially level 3 monsters, when you see this monster activate its ability, quickly create a barrier around yourself. This way the monster won't be able to find you anymore. You should not use the running method while facing this monster, because when this monster activates the ability they also have enhanced running speed. Moreover, this monster has the ability to find the fastest way to move to your position. It is difficult for you to escape.

For monsters that can destroy ice, you should run away from them quickly. The blocking ice generation has absolutely no effect on them when they can break the ice. In contrast, creating ice takes more time to get rid of the monsters. If you can, destroy as much ice as you can. This makes the monsters have to wonder when finding their way to you. Moreover, if the map has a lot of gaps, you have more ways to escape.

Controlling 2 characters at the same time will make it difficult for you to control the character, but it will help you increase the rate of completing the challenge. Why do I say that? 2 characters you control at the same time are opponents of each other, so when one character dies, the other can continue to play. You can combine 2 characters together to make it easier to overcome challenges. Since you have 2 characters but only 1 monster, the monster can only target one character. You use a character to distract the monster. You use the remaining character to collect fruits. No matter which character survives in the end, the winner is still you.

These are just some of my tips. You should play the game and find out for yourself the most effective ways to play. I think the best way to be able to play this game well is to play it many times. Only when you play it many times will you be able to grasp the mechanics and pace of the game. As you get used to the game, your actions will become more flexible. Any action to avoid monsters will be a natural reflex. Hope you have a wonderful time in this game.