Merge Fruits

4 votes 3.8/5

Merge Fruits is a game that creates an extensive fruit collection. With a great visual environment, Match similar fruits to get bigger, more diverse fruits.

Merge Fruits is an idle game but not boring. You still need to brainstorm to think and still need to have a strategy, but just pay attention and navigate accurately to conquer the game.

Fruit explosions sound continuously as you drop fruits and merge similar fruits to create a rich, diverse new mixture. You will be able to drop and merge lemons, grapes, oranges, watermelons, and countless other fruits with bright colors. Pay attention to the red limit line above. Don't let the fruit touch this limit line if you don't want the game to end early.


  • Merge Fruits is an addictive challenge: The planning physics-based gameplay is addictive and engaging.
  • Colorful graphics: The fun comes from the visuals, the fruits look attractive with their realistic vibrant colors.
  • Strategic challenge: The game starts out simple but increasingly you need to be strategic to arrange the fruit properly.

How to play

Use the mouse.