Bad Ice Cream 3

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The evolution of monsters in Bad Ice Cream 3

Following the success of the Bad Ice Cream series, the Nitrome developer has released Bad Ice Cream 3. This game has upgraded missions and challenges. You will face new monsters with built-in abilities. This monster has the ability to break the ice and duplicate individuals. Every 10 seconds this monster will fall on the snow and print its shape on the snow. The shape will then be cloned into a new monster instance. In addition, this monster has the ability to destroy ice blocks that block its path. The difficulty is that the monsters have been updated with special abilities, but you are not. You can only use your ability to be able to complete the task.

How to play Bad Ice Cream 3

It is the same as the other games in the series, you will use keys on your keyboard to control your character. You perform the task of going around the map to collect fruits. Your only ability is to move faster than the monsters. In addition, the game has a timer setting at the bottom of the screen. You must complete the task before time runs out. As such, move quickly and collect fruit to overcome the challenge of the game. Don't hesitate to participate in this challenge