Draw Joust 2

9 votes 3.7/5

Create a sturdy machine with your creativity to beat your opponents in Draw Joust 2. Show off your amazing drawing skills in this exciting game.

Draw Joust 2 is an extremely interesting strategy game that combines entertainment. The game is created from ordinary things but has a strong appeal. It helps players transform into brave and strong warriors with sharp strategies controlling their own created vehicle to fight and defeat opponents.

What is the creativity here? It is a formidable fighting machine created from clever lines combining wheels, weapons, and people. Creativity in the Fighting Machine will contribute half to the player's victory. So what is the other half that creates an epic battle? That's the strategy.

Strategy plays a decisive role in the outcome of the match. Choose the right time to attack and attack the opponent's weak position to win.

The player's goal is to destroy the opponent's machine or push the opponent into the water.

Show off all your creative abilities to create a complete picture and give your all in the matches.

Make the wisest choices when participating in the match to have the most heroic battles. Can use Weapons Boost or Fight depending on the player's strategy.

How To Play

Use the mouse to play.