Cut For Cat 2

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Complete 100 challenging levels of cutting ropes to deliver candy to cats in the game Cut For Cat 2. With the best skills try to get 3 stars in each level.

Cut For Cat 2 is a fun, highly entertaining online game that still requires intelligence and logical thinking. Coming to Cut For Cat 2, we feel like living in a lively animated world. Explore your limits with the challenge of cutting the rope to give candy to a cute cat. With intelligence and skills in using props such as bubbles, balloons, and magnets, players will be truly immersed in a world with many special effects.

The black cat with sharp teeth will open its mouth to let the pretty pink candy fall. Players need to determine the right time and right position to cut the string to let the candy fall into the cat's mouth.

Just use the left mouse button to perform action. Flexibly combine props to make paths to bring the candy from one location to another and finally fall into the cat's mouth.

Are you confident enough to complete the game's 100 levels? Experience the Cut For Cat 2 game now.

How to play

Use the mouse.