Emoji Maze

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Have fun in Emoji Maze

A smiley emoji is lost in the Emoji Maze game. Here, this Emoji is facing the angry emoji. Your task is to avoid these emojis and escape this maze.

The red emoji will move left and right horizontally. Purple emoji will move vertically up and down on the screen. You observe the movement of these emojis and find the best direction. When looking at the map, you will see an exit in the right corner of the screen. However, these doors are being closed. To be able to open this door you need to collect 3 like buttons. After you collect 3 like buttons, the door will be opened automatically. After that, you move the character to the position of the exit and complete the challenge of the game.

Note: Each time you play, you will have 3 lives. When you get caught 3 times by angry emojis, you lose. Control your characters so you don't get caught.

How to control your character

This game has the same control as Bad Ice Cream, you use the up arrow key to move up and the down arrow key to move down the maze. Similarly, You press the right arrow key to steer right and the left arrow key to move left.