Katana Fruits

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The rules of Katana Fruits

If you are looking for a game to entertain, then Katana Fruits is a great choice for you. You will slash the fruits of the game following the rule.

In this game, you will use a knife and slash all the fruits that appear on the board. The fruits can appear separately and can also appear in combos. If you slash more than 1 fruit in one slash you will form a combo and get a higher score. You have to cut all the fruits that appear on the board. If you miss any fruit you will lose a live. Each time you play you will have 3 lives, if you use all 3 lives, you will lose. You need to remember that you must not slash at the bomb. When you hit the bomb, it will explode and the game will be over. You will be able to slash the fruits freely until you break the law. When the game is over, your highest score will be saved and displayed outside the main screen. Let's play and get the highest score possible.

How to slash the fruits

The fruits will appear randomly on the board, you move the mouse to slash the fruits.