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Introduce Stacktris

Don't be afraid to test your dexterity in Stacktris. Here, you have to arrange the tetrominoes on a horizontal bar so that it is as high as possible.

Stacktris are fun challenges with tetromino blocks. The challenge of this game is to arrange the free-falling tetromino blocks on the crossbar. You will see a horizontal bar in the center of the screen. A tetromino block of arbitrary shapes is spinning at the top of the crossbar. You have to make this tetromino block fall and stay balanced at the top of the crossbar. This game will calculate the score according to the height of the tetromino blocks that you have stacked. So, it doesn't matter how many tetromino blocks you can stack, you just need to care about its height. The higher the drop rate of the tetromino blocks you stack, the higher the score you get. Are you ready for this exciting challenge? Don't forget to join the Bad Ice Cream website to play this game and many other interesting game genres.

How to arrange the tetrominoes in Stacktris

You click on the tetromino to make it stop rotating. You drag the mouse the change its position and then release the mouse to drop the tetromino.