Friday Night Funkin Vs Caine

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An explosive music party is happening at Friday Night Funkin Vs Caine. Confidently take the stage and compete with Caine in a circus-inspired musical style.

Friday Night Funkin Vs Caine brings a musical feast with a rhythmic match. A unique, new challenge that pits players in a rhythm match between the player and the mysterious Caine from The Amazing Digital Circus. What's special about this character? Is it artificial intelligence or not? Let's find out together.

Caine is known as a villain with a rather special appearance in The Amazing Digital Circus. He is an artificial intelligence and Circus Master but is not friendly. The player's goal is to defeat him with unique music.

Follow exactly the signals that appear continuously on the screen. Hit the right notes at the right time to create the perfect piece of music. Overcome Caine.

The game is considered a test of ability and reflexes.

Are you ready for this epic match? Be the best performer in the game Friday Night Funkin Vs Caine.

How to play

Use arrow keys.