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Some descriptions of Quordle

Don't hesitate to play and challenge your brain in the Quordle game. Here, you have to guess continuously and find the required word of the game.

Quordle is a puzzle game with simple gameplay, you just need to guess the required letter of the game and overcome the challenge. Contrary to the simple gameplay, the challenges in this game are not easy. The game will not give any suggestion words, you have to guess the word and create your own suggestions. This fun game is available on Bad Ice Cream. Let's play.

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The rules

You will come up with a random word and make your own suggestions. When any letter appears in the request word and is in its correct position, it will be green. When a letter appears in the request word but is in the wrong place, it will be orange. When a letter does not appear in the request word, it is grayed out. You synthesize these suggestions and find the required word.

Tips and tricks

You should guess wrong 3 times to find the suggested letters. The letters in the word you guess must be separate. The best word you guess must have all 5 U-E-O-A-I vowels. After you have collected enough suggested letters. You sort their relevance and figure out the required word.