Impossible Box Rush

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About Impossible Box Rush

Introduce Impossible Box Rush

What are you waiting for without playing the Impossible Box Rush game? Here, you have to avoid spikes, collect stars and reach the finish line.

You will play as a small block that is lost in a box. This box has a very special shape, its edges are cut causing the box to have many edges ( it can reach 10 edges). These cut edges are where your box can hide in the face of spikes. The stars will appear in random locations on the map. You are not required to collect stars, because your mission is to move to the finish line.

The direction of the spikes

The spikes will move in different directions. They can be separated from each other and move symmetrically back and forth. The spikes can also merge into a line and move in a circle in the box. No matter how these spikes move, you must have quick reflexes to be able to overcome challenges.

How to play

Like the other arcade games on the Bad Ice Cream website, you use the arrow keys to control your character. You avoid the spikes, collect stars, and reach the finish line. Once you hit the spikes, you will instantly evaporate. To complete the mission, you must drive the block to the destination safely.