Masters Of Context

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Combine learning and entertainment with the brainstorming game Masters Of Context. Explore all the nuances of language with intelligence and logical thinking.

Masters Of Context brings exciting experiences that make a difference. The difference is that it not only focuses on solving puzzles to find vocabulary, but it also challenges players to analyze situations and learn about different cultures to find relevance. Knowledge of words is also promoted and stimulates strong thinking development. All the wonderful things that Masters Of Context brings are the non-stop movement of the brain in a positive direction. Suitable for all ages but it will bring extremely great benefits to pupils and students. Strong language development, vocabulary expansion, and logical thinking especially promote effective teamwork.

The player's task is to find the secret word using hints. Players will enter as many vocabulary words as possible and check the relevance of the newly entered vocabulary to the vocabulary they are looking for. Relevance is expressed in points. The lower the score, the higher the chance of solving the puzzle. The destination is very close. On the contrary, the higher the score, the more likely it is that you are going in the wrong direction.

Typical Features

  • The game is the perfect combination of entertainment and learning.
  • Stimulates brain development.
  • Form and create a solid mindset.
  • Flexible in all situations.
  • Master the game.
  • Compete healthily with opponents.

How to control

  • Use the mouse in combination with the keyboard to enter vocabulary and find secret words.