Bad Ice Cream 2

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The difference between Bad Ice Cream and Bad Ice Cream 2

The Bad Ice Cream game is back with Bad Ice Cream 2. Here, you will join the exciting journey to collect fruits and create new ice cream flavors.

This game has a little different from its original game. If in the Bad Ice Cream game you have to control the character with the default keyboard - the arrow keys. In this game, you will get to choose the navigation key that best suits you. The keys that you choose match the character you have to play. With the navigation keys and arrow keys, you control the vanilla ice cream. With the navigation keys being WASD keys, you control the strawberry-flavored character. You can also unlock these 2 characters at the same time and control them.

Play Bad Ice Cream 2

Complete the mission

Your mission is to collect new fruits. While collecting fruits you still have to face aggressive monsters. These monsters have had a bit of an evolution compared to the original. From level 1 the monsters get smarter as they find the fastest route to your location. They also know how to create ice to block your movement. This game is really interesting. What are you waiting for without playing this fun game?

How to control

  • Player 1: Move by the arrow keys and press the Space bar to create and break the ice.
  • Player 2: Move by the WASD keys and use the f keys to create and break the ice.