Dumb Pacman

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Descriptions of Dumb Pacman

Do not be afraid to take on the challenges in the Dumb Pacman game. In this game, you will control Pacman to collect food and destroy monsters.

This game is in the same series of games as Pacman 30th Anniversary, you will still have to face the octopus-shaped monsters. You have the ability to destroy these monsters, however, they will respawn continuously. In addition, this map is already smaller and your task is only to collect food pellets in the maze. When you collect all these food pellets you can pass the level.

How to play Dumb Pacman

You control your character to go around the map to collect food, these food pellets filled the map. You need to collect all the food pellets to pass the level. Meanwhile, you must avoid the game's monsters or you must destroy them. To destroy these monsters, you must find and eat the giant beans in the 4 corners of the screen. When you eat these beans the monsters will be frozen. You just need to touch these monsters to kill the monsters. But, as I said before, these monsters have infinite respawn abilities. Therefore, this act of killing monsters only helps you to increase your points after completing the mission.

How to control: Use the arrow keys to control.