Slime Laboratory

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Escape the laboratory with a flexible body in the exciting game Slime Laboratory. Overcome traps and dangerous obstacles with flexible body transformation.

The game Slime Laboratory brings extremely new gaming experiences when immersing yourself in the role of a character with a flexible body and flexible transformation in every situation. However, everything is not easy when the obstacles and traps set up are extremely complex and dangerous. It can destroy a body made of flexible mucus or create difficult challenges that are difficult to conquer.

The game Slime Laboratory is set and born in a mysterious laboratory. This is a place to research and create creatures whose body structures are extremely flexible slime. They are trying to escape from prison.

The goal of slime bodies is to go through every corner, overcome obstacles, escape traps, collect points, and get to safety.

Players can use the left arrow key to move, the up arrow key to jump over obstacles or platforms, and the down arrow key to transform the body through small and narrow gaps.

With a flexible body, jump over gaps and crawl on hard surfaces expertly to complete the mission.

Tips and tricks

  • Observe the movement of traps to take appropriate actions.
  • Make your body larger if you want to crawl on hard surfaces or jump over gaps and platforms.
  • Make the body small to easily move through narrow areas.

How to play

Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to control the squishy slime.