Geometry Dash Bloodbath

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The obstacles in Geometry Dash Bloodbath

What are you waiting for without playing the Geometry Dash Bloodbath game? Here, you will participate in the horror race and face the monsters of Bloodbath.

Geometry Dash Bloodbath is a thrilling race where you will face dangerous obstacles. The basic obstacles are spikes arranged in bunches, you need to jump continuously to avoid them. The platforms are arranged with different heights so you have to be really flexible to be able to overcome it. Also, in between the 2 platforms are dangerous monsters. These monsters always open their mouths and are ready to eat you at any time. You have to be extremely careful to be able to overcome these obstacles. Are you ready for this race? Play this game on the Bad Ice Cream website.

Control your character to overcome the obstacles

Your character will move forward automatically, you just need to jump to overcome these obstacles. The gameplay sounds simple, but you must have good reflexes to be able to overcome it. You have to jump quickly when near obstacles. You just need to jump faster or slower and you can die. Are you confident in your own reflexes? Play this game and test it.