Goober Dash

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Engage in global competition with rivals in the platform game Goober Dash. Plan a strategy that combines action to overcome obstacles and complete all levels.

Goober Dash is an incredibly fun platform game. Play as a bean-shaped character overcoming all dangerous obstacles to compete with opponents from all over the world. Survive and go to the last level.

Goober Dash will help players test and practice their reflex skills in the best way. For each jump, you need to determine the right time and location to overcome the pitfalls the first time.

Perform missions while collecting coins, and facing challenges with a heroic and courageous spirit. Unlock gifts and upgrade characters with beautiful costumes.

Goober Dash not only creates a competitive environment but it also connects friends. This is a feature that nurtures emotions and builds social relationships.

Goober Dash also offers the opportunity for players to create their own battlefields. Unleash your creativity with the level editor and design unique challenges.

Are you mentally ready to accept challenges and cope with difficulties? Be a small member of the vast world of Goober Dash.

How to play

  • To move: Use the arrow keys or WASD keys.
  • To Dash: Use the spacebar.