Catan Online

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Get familiar with the resources

If you are a fan of board games, Catan Online is a great choice for you. Here, you have to fight with other players and be the first one to get 10 points.

This game has five main types of resources: stone, wood, sheep, rice, and bricks. These origins will be divided into hexagonal squares on the Catan map, it is also shown above as chivalry. You will receive this knight card corresponding to the prime number you have. By using these knight cards you can upgrade houses or trade desired elements with other players.

The thing that shows your score is the buildings, by upgrading the cards you can upgrade the buildings. There are sixty paths represented as a cylinder like a stick and each color will have fifteen paths. The game has twenty houses and sixteen cities divided into four different colors.

Principles of upgrading works

The arrangement of resources will depend on the player, if it does not follow a certain rule, then you number these resources. You will roll the dice to determine your resources and build structures. To build roads you need to use bricks and wood, new roads must connect with old roads or pre-existing houses or cities. If you build five consecutive roads then you will get the longest path card and it corresponds to two points. You need bricks, rice, wood, and sheep to build a house, you can only build a house at an intersection when all three adjacent intersections are not occupied by a building and each of these houses will bring you a point. The last building is a city with three stones and two rice, you can only upgrade the city from home and it will give you two points. The player who gets ten points first will be the winner.