Santa Drop

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Santa Drop is an extremely engaging puzzle game with 60 levels. Use a smart strategy to remove blocks and help Santa fall safely to the grass.

Santa Drop is the perfect product of Mapi Games. A great combination of puzzle gameplay including 60 diverse levels inspired by the Christmas theme with easy controls. It brings a fresh, brilliant, warm, and joyful atmosphere.

The player's mission is to rescue Santa Claus who is trapped at the top of the boxes. An extremely dangerous position. Use strategy, and think logically, by all means, to remove the boxes so that Santa falls into the grass box. Note that if Santa falls to the ground, you will fail.

Logic games are difficult but highly interactive and player-friendly. Just click on the boxes to remove them. The difficulty is just choosing which box to remove first to create safety for your character.

Strategy is still an important factor in determining success at each level. Play Santa Drop and enjoy Christmas-themed music in the most fun and relaxing way.

How to play

Use the mouse.