Apple Worm

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About Apple Worm

Play and rescue the worm from the air maze in the Apple Worm game. You have to avoid flying out of the maze and help the worm find the exit door.

Apple Worm is the journey out of the maze of an apple worm. Here, your worm will eat apples and find a way out of the maze. There are no monsters like in the Dumb Pacman game, the challenge of this game is the maze in the air. If you are not careful, you can easily fall out of the maze and fail. This game is very interesting. What are you waiting for without playing it?

How to complete the mission in Apple Worm

While finding your way out of the maze you need to eat apples to increase your size. Every time you eat an apple, your worm will grow a little longer and it can move more easily in the maze. However, eating apples is not your duty. Do not focus too much on the apples, sometimes, it is the cause of your loss. You have to focus on the task of finding the way out of the worm. The exit of the maze is usually at the end of the maze. You control your worm to this position and pass the level of the game.

Control: Use the keys.