2048 Merge

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Some description of 2048 Merge

Welcome to 2048 Merge. It is a puzzle game where you have to arrange blocks on a board to complete the task of arranging a block having a value of 2048.

In this game, you have to arrange blocks of different values into a 4x4 board. Blocks that you have to sort will appear at the bottom of the table with random values. When 2 blocks of the same value stand next to each other, they will merge together and form a block of a double value. These blocks will merge together right where you place the block. You keep merging the blocks together until you reach the value of 2048. When the game makes the value 2048, it will know the secret and destroy the blocks around it. Are you ready for it? Access Bad Ice Cream to play.

How to control: Drag the mouse to arrange the position of the block.

Create help

You can also create power-ups to make the game last longer. When you merge 4 blocks of the same value in one stack, you create 1 help. You can also merge 3 blocks of different values in one go to create help. This help will change the value that appears randomly at the bottom of the board.