8 Ball Pool Online

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Rules of 8 Ball Pool Online

8 Ball Pool Online brings you to world-class billiard tables where you will have to try to get the balls into the hole according to the rules and win the game.

This game has the same rules as a regular billiard game, which means you need to put all the designated balls into the hole before putting the ball-8 into the hole. This is a mandatory rule, if you do not follow the rules you will lose immediately. Another rule is that you can't hit the white ball into the hole, but this only works against you when you play against others, it won't have too much effect when you hit the ball alone.

Play in two modes

The game is also divided into 2 modes for each player's different purposes.

In single-player mode, players will be able to shoot at will and just need to follow the rule of putting the 8 ball in the last hole. If you put the white ball into the hole, it doesn't matter, the game will automatically return it to the designated spot. This mode allows you to practice aiming and measuring force.

Versus mode, it retains the same rules as the single-player mode but there will be turns between the players. When you miss or put the white ball into the hole, it will be your opponent's turn. Here, you just need to put all 7 balls into the hole and then shoot the black marble into the hole and win.