Aliens Gone Wild

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Aliens Gone Wild is an entertaining game. Here you will play as a western cowboy and must avoid the attacks of robbers. Let's play and have fun.

What are you waiting for without playing the game Aliens Gone Wild to play the role of a Western cowboy? In this game, you will patrol your village and rob bandits. These robbers are very aggressive so they will attack you when discovered. You have to quickly attack these robbers and spot the other bandits. This is quite a dangerous mission, use your guts and overcome these challenges.

Play the Aliens Gone Wild game

Your character will automatically move forward, you just need to control their direction. The bandits will direct your position and shoot bullets, you have to change your position flexibly to not be shot at them. In addition, your character will automatically shoot at the enemy when you stand in front of them. There is a health bar on your head and the enemy's head, you destroy this health bar and kill the bandits. Your goal in this game is to kill as many bandits as possible.

How to control: Use the left and right arrow keys to drive your character