Aquapark Ball Party

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Aquapark Ball Party is a fun game with balls on a thrilling slide. Control the ball through mathematical gates to reach the finish line before your opponents.

Aquapark Ball Party is a physics game, that brings you endless fun on a winding bridge with mathematical gates arranged along the slide. The fun accompanied by fierce competition will bring players fun gaming moments and moments.

The goal is to overcome challenges and obstacles on the slide, compete with opponents, participate in solving math puzzles, and try to reach the finish line first. Players need to move skillfully so that the balls do not slide out of the chute and roll down the cliff, slide continuously, and control the slide in the best way.

The fun is doubled and the race becomes more dramatic and competitive when you experience it in 2-player mode. Create motivation to reach the finish line safely, accurately, and quickly. Refresh yourself with a shiny look when you stop by the store and shop for unique leathers.

How to play

  • Player 1 = uses A/D keys to move the ball.
  • Player 2 = uses left/right arrows to move the ball.