Ball Blast

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Some features of Ball Blast

Don't miss the exciting challenges in the Ball Blast game. Here, you will control a cannon and destroy all the stones that appear on the screen.

Stones with different values will fly to the screen. You will control a cannon in the bottom corner of the screen. With each bullet that the cannon hits, the stone will be reduced in value by one. This stone will disappear when its value reaches zero. Otherwise, you must protect your cannon, when the stone hits the cannon, it will be destroyed immediately. and you lose. These stones will never completely disappear. You can only try to destroy as many stones as you can. For each stone that you destroy, you will gain 1 point. Try to destroy as many stones and get as many points as you can.

How to control your cannon.

The cannon guns will fire bullets automatically, you just need to adjust the position of the gun. You use the arrow keys to control the cannon. You press the left arrow to move the left and use the right arrow to move the cannon to the right. You based on the movement of the stones to adjust your cannon.