Ball Hit

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Ball Hit is an extremely attractive basketball simulation game. With strategy, timing, and absolute precision, get as many balls into the basket as possible.

Ball Hit brings moments of sublimation, excitement, and great entertainment. The player's task is to put the ball into the basket to complete each level of the game.

In order for the ball to fall correctly into the basket, the player needs to remove obstacles. You can remove them or rotate the blocks in different directions so that the ball rotates in the correct orbit and falls into the circle.

You need to determine the time and have your own strategy so that the swings and balls fall correctly the first time.

At higher levels, putting the ball in the right basket will be more difficult, requiring players to have better situation-handling skills with more thoughtful, interesting thoughts.

Ball Hit offers a beautiful interface with dynamic graphics and an exciting visual experience for players. Players will witness the basketball flying into the air, overcoming obstacles, and falling into the basket, creating the joy of victory.

How to play

Use the mouse.