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Wars in Battleship


Battleship takes you to the intense battles of battleships at sea, You have to arrange your battleships so that the opponent cannot destroy them.

If you are looking for a game to practice your logical thinking ability, then I recommend you play this game. For some people, this game is quite strange, but it is a familiar game for others. The original gameplay of this game would have been done on white paper, but it has now appeared on the Bad Ice Cream website. This game has been renovated with more flexible gameplay, moreover, it also creates another game mode called Advanced. In the advanced mode, the game has the appearance of fighter aircraft, which adds dramatic factors to the battles at sea. Do not be afraid to participate in endless battles in the game Battleship.

Some notes when playing

You should rely on the ship you intend to shoot down to attack the squares accurately. For example, if you want to shoot down a ship with a length of 4 squares, you should shoot bullets with a distance of 3 squares. You should also not focus on destroying ships vertically, you also need to destroy them horizontally. Moreover, the ships will be placed at least 1 empty space apart, so you should not continue to shoot bullets at the side of the ships anymore.

Fight with other battleships

Warship arrangement

This game will be divided into 2 parts, the first part is the arrangement, where you will arrange your ships so that the opponent cannot attack them. You will be assigned 6 ships of the same size, you have to arrange it smartly so that the opponent cannot find these ships to destroy them. You can arrange this boat horizontally or vertically, as long as your opponent can't hit it. One thing that you need to pay attention to when placing these ships is that they must be spaced one space apart because when the ship is destroyed it will affect the surrounding areas.

Counterattack the opponents

After you have arranged the ships you will come to the stage of attack. You will use a locator to determine the coordinates of the shot on the map, you use the mouse to determine the coordinates and shoot down the ships. You and your opponent will take turns aiming and shooting, even if you hit the opponent's ship, you will not have an additional aim. Each enemy ship will have a different size, so you need to destroy all the parts of that ship that appear on the map to be able to destroy the ship. Each player will have 6 ships so you need to destroy all 6 ships to win this game. The game also creates a parameter map in the bottom corner of the screen so you can track the progress of the attack. The situation of the enemy ships will be shown in the left corner of the screen, and the situation of the enemy ships will be shown in the lower corner of the screen.