Bear Hunter

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Bear Hunter is an extremely dramatic Bear shooting simulation game. Aim and snipe them from afar and react promptly to attacks from ferocious bears.

Previously we experienced a deer hunting simulation game, now a bigger challenge is presented: bear hunting. Bear is a type of animal with a very large body with elongated legs, a long snout, small round ears, shaggy fur, paws with five non-retractable claws, and a short tail. One outstanding feature is that bears can smell like dogs, but their noses are 6 times more sensitive. That's why bear hunting is not a simple thing. Players have the opportunity to aim and shoot from afar but will have to face the opposite attack of this animal if they do not hit the target. Sudden attacks from many sides are extremely dangerous for hunters.

Bear Hunter provides 50 levels from easy to difficult for players to conquer. The goal is to shoot a certain number of bears within the allowed time and not lose your life due to the attacks of ferocious bears.

The reward for winning is points and the chance to unlock higher levels.

Are you ready for this breathtaking chase? join Bear Hunter today.

How to play

Use the mouse.