Block Stacking

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Play Block Stacking

Block Stacking is creating new challenges waiting for you to discover. In this game, you will arrange the pieces of fruit in the tower and harvest them.

This game has a fairly simple playing principle, pieces of fruit are hung at the top of a tower. These pieces of fruit are cut into different boxes. You have to change the direction and direction of the bats of these pieces to form a complete square of color. When you form a complete square, you will be able to harvest it and get points. You use the mouse to swipe and fall directions for the pieces of fruit. Swipe up to flip, swipe left and right to change direction, and swipe down to make the fruit drop instantly.

Play with your favorite fruit

The fruits of this game are also quite diverse with the default fruit being watermelon. Other fruits are in the game shop such as Kiwi, orange, mangosteen, even pizza, and so on. You can get these fruits by earning a lot of points and increasing your rank. With rank 40 you will get kiwi fruit and get mangosteen at level 100. Let's conquer the highest ranking and get the fruit you want.