Boxing Random

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Endless entertainment in Boxing Random game

Don't be afraid to join in exciting fights in Boxing Random, you will launch completely random jabs and knock out opponents by punching them in the face.

If you have played the game Basket Random then you will easily get used to the gameplay of this game. Your character will be placed on a playing field and opposite you is another player who can also be the CPU. You must defeat your opponents by making them fall many times. Your character will lean forward or backward according to a certain rule. During this time, you press the activation key so that your character can jump up and throw a punch at the opponent. You activate when your character is leaning forward to help your character jump forward and attack the opponent, you can also activate when your character is moving backward to Step back and avoid your opponent's attacks. When you punch your opponent in the face, they will be KO'd, and when you KO your opponent more than five times, you will win this game.

Play with friends in 2P mode

The game has two modes, which are 1P and 2P. 1P mode actually allows you to practice with the machine, you can participate in these battles continuously. In the early stages, you may be easily defeated by the CPU because you do not understand the rules of the game, but don't rush to give up, after you understand the rules of the game, it will be easier for you to win. That's when you challenge yourself in 2P mode, this mode allows you to fight other players or fight yourself because these two players have different control methods. The player on the left is controlled with the W key, while the player on the right will be controlled with the up arrow key. Both of these modes are very interesting, join this game now on the Bad Ice Cream website and have endless hours of entertainment.