Bubble Shooter

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Some features of Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is a shooting game. Here, you will control a cannon gun and shoot down all the bubbles above. Are you ready for this challenge?

Balls with different colors are hanging on the screen. These bubbles are rearranged with different clusters (of the same color). You need to use the cannon at the bottom of the screen to shoot down these bubbles. You just need to shoot down all the balls to complete the mission of the game. What are you waiting for without participating in this exciting game?

The principle of removing bubbles

To be able to destroy these bubbles, you need to shoot bullets of the same color as them. When the bullet hits the cluster of bubbles and forms a combination with more than 3 bubbles of the same type, they will disappear. Every 1 short time the bar containing the bubbles will move forward. You must clear all these bubbles before the bubble bar reaches the limit point. Note, you can know in advance what kind of bubbles the cannon will shoot below the cannon. You rely on these reserve ammo and deliver the right results.

Control: You move the mouse to aim and release the mouse to shoot.