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About CarFight.io

What are you waiting for without participating in the fiery battles in the CarFight.io game? Let's fight hard and get a high position on the leaderboard.

CarFight.io will take you to an arena where fiery encounters take place between racing cars. This is a driving game like Madalin Cars Multiplayer, but here you have to fight with other players in the arena. You must have top driving skills to not get knocked down. Your score will be calculated by the number of kills. For each car that you knock down, you will score 1 more point. The more players you eliminate, the higher your position on the leaderboard will be. Are you ready?

Participate in the battle in CarFight.io

This is a survival game where you will use your mouse to control your character. Drag the mouse the move the car. You drive the car and hit the other cars head-on and eliminate them from the arena. If there is a small collision, you only lose a small amount of the blood bar on the head. When this blood bar runs out, you will be completely removed from the game. You only have one chance to fight, so take it and become the dominator. Don't let any guy it can get rid of you.