Carrom Clash

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The rule of Carrom Clash

Welcome to the Carrom Clash game. Here, you will have a great experience when participating in the carrom matches. What are you waiting for?

This game has pretty simple rules. This game has 2 types of carrom, black and white, you will be assigned a carrom before you start playing. You need to put all your carrom into the hole before the opponent. You hold the mouse to aim and release the mouse to shoot the carrom.

Play in 3 modes

This game has 3 main game modes, each game mode will have its own rules. In Dics Fool mode, you will be assigned the carrom type. You can only shoot this type of carrom, if you shoot your opponent's carrom into the hole, you will lose your turn. You put all your carrom in the hole before your opponent to win. Carrom mode has the same rules as Dics Fool, but to win you need to hit a red carrom into the hole. Finally, in the freestyle mode, each type of carrom will have its own value. Whoever gets 160 points first will be the winner. You should prioritize shooting red carrom because it has a value of 60 points.