City Builder

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City Builder is a game of building high-rise buildings in empty areas into a bustling and bustling urban area. Complete the buildings with the highest score.

City Builder gives players great skills in the construction industry. From choosing locations to build buildings, and preparing materials and skills in arranging and assembling concrete blocks to become a whole unified, ensuring safety, aesthetics, and applicability.

City Builder is developed by

RedFoc. Officially announced on platforms on January 23, 2024. Starting a new year with the outstanding development of the construction industry.

The game takes place in a pristine vacant land. According to the plan, this land will be built and developed into an urban area with bustling activities. Players need to mentally prepare for a long-term plan to complete these skyscrapers. Brings its own mark and is a symbol of the city.

Starting the game will be choosing which buildings to build. Using professional skills, arrange buildings on top of each other into a unified block. Complete the goal with the specified number of points and block drops. Arrange the blocks correctly, the higher the score will be. If stacked incorrectly, the building will lose its balance and will collapse.

How to play

Use the mouse.