Clicker Heroes

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Introduce the monster in Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes is a game with quite interesting controls. In this game, you will destroy the monsters in many maps by left-clicking continuously.

Your task in this game is to destroy the monsters with different maps. Monsters will appear in lands such as jungles, deserts, and swamps. Each of these lands will have five different levels. Comes with it are monsters in the first 4 levels and a boss in the last level. You must defeat the boss in this last level to open a new level. This task is not easy when this final boss has a huge amount of health and you only have 30 seconds to destroy them. You should prioritize killing small monsters first to earn money to buy heroes.

The way to destroy the monster

You have 2 ways to kill these monsters. You click on the monster to reduce the monster's health or buy heroes to destroy them. Either way, you have to upgrade to optimize monster killing. Here is a hero for you to choose from. Cid has a unique ability to enhance your clicks. Upgrading him increases your clicks. Treebeast has the ability to destroy monsters automatically. Like Treebeast, Ivan also has the ability to activate damage automatically. There are also many other types of heroes.