Clicker Monsters

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Play as hero in Clicker Monsters

Are you ready for the amazing monster-slaying action in the Clicker Monsters game? Here, you can kill monsters in different lands with just a click.

Monsters such as the stump of a tree, the tree of prey, and spiders are damaging different lands. Your task in this game is to play the role of a knight who goes on an adventure through different lands and destroys these monsters. These monsters will be divided by level and land, for the base land, you will only face weak monsters and the number of monsters that you have to kill will also be less. As the level increases, the monsters you face will become stronger and stronger and you will have to spend more energy to destroy it. You can't just rely on mouse clicks anymore, you need to rely on the help of power-ups, these power-ups are very diverse and I will introduce them shortly.

Upgrade power-ups and destroy the monster

The first power-up that you need to upgrade is the wooden stick, each upgrade will increase 1 damage. However, you should only use this power-up in the early stages, in the later stages, the monster will be increased a large amount of health if still using the wooden pestle, it will take a lot of time. Your next choice is the mace with a base damage of 5 and increased damage by 3 with each upgrade. To higher levels you can use weapons such as hammers, swords, and even knives, their prices are quite high and with it their power is great. For example, the sword costs 5120000 coins but the damage it gives is 19k damage and after each upgrade, it will increase to 350k damage. Upgrade power-ups will also be divided into levels and the amount to upgrade power-ups will also increase with each upgrade.