Color Pixel Art Classic

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About Color Pixel Art Classic

Color Pixel Art Classic allows you to color pictures in digital form. Here, you use the palette and color in the numbered order on the picture.
This game has created funny pictures of animals, any animal you like can appear in this game. The character is from people to animals, for example, there are familiar creatures like cows, dogs, and cats. They are also the sea creatures like fishes, turtles, octopuses, and more. Besides, there are also paintings depicting people such as teachers, witches, and so on. The paintings have been digitized into small tiles, these small tiles are already numbered. You complete the task by filling in the colors according to these umbrellas. This task is not difficult but it requires you to be persistent and access the Bad Ice Cream website to play this game.

Complete the mission

As I said above, these pictures have been digitized and the details of the picture have been divided into numbered tiles. At the bottom of the picture is a numbered palette. You use the mouse and fill in the color from the palette so that it matches the numbers on the picture. You should divide the picture into several small parts to make it easier to color.