Crazy Bubble Breaker

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Destroy and remove all the brightly colored moving bubbles in the addictive game Crazy Bubble Breaker. Conquer all levels with your strategy and skills.

Crazy Bubble Breaker leads players into a matrix with a series of colorful bubbles including white, yellow, blue, and red. They are arranged mixed together and move continuously toward the limit line.

The goal that needs to be accomplished is to drop stones to destroy all the bubbles on the playing field. Break them and remove them before the bubble moves upward and comes into contact with the limit line.

Bubbles are arranged chaotically. With white bubbles, it will burst immediately with one impact, but with yellow, blue, and red bubbles, it makes contact with the stone many times to break. That's why a strategy is needed to eliminate them. You should focus on balls that are close to the limit line. Drop the stones to create a bounce and collide with as many bubbles as possible. That will help remove bubbles faster. The chances of winning are more.

Crazy Bubble Breaker was developed by Bestgames.com. It focuses on gameplay and graphics. Deserves to be a great product for entertainment.

How to play

Use the mouse.