Cut The Rope

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Some features of Cut The Rope

Cut The Rope used to be a very hot game and until now it has not shown any signs of cooling down. It always attracts players with simple gameplay. You just need to cut the rope, help Om Nom eat candy, and collect stars. Players will never get bored with the challenges in this game. These challenges are divided into different levels, helping people to choose the level that is right for them. In addition, at high levels, there will also be the appearance of new factors that arouse the curiosity of the player. Now, let's play and explore this game.

Complete the mission

The condition for you to pass that level is that Om Nom can eat sweets. In case the candy is in a higher position than Om Nom and is hung by many different ropes. You need to cut the ropes in order so that you can collect as many stars as possible while Om Nom can still eat candy. In case the candy is lower than Om Nom you need to cut the string so that the candy falls and the inside of the bubble. The bubble will bring the candy to a higher position and Om Nom can eat it.