Dinosaur Game

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The Origin of the Dinosaur Game

Relive your childhood memories through the Dinosaur Game. In this game, you will control a black and white dinosaur jumping over countless obstacles.

Dinosaur Game is developed by Google. In essence, this is just a network error. Every time the Chrome browser has a network problem, a dinosaur will appear while waiting for the network. Internet users will control the dinosaur to jump the obstacles on the way. Due to the love of the network users for this game. Google has developed it into a game that players can actively access and play.

Why is Dinosaur Game so attractive to players

This game attracts players with its simple controls and unique graphics. While all the games are quite graphic with many different colors, this game has simple graphics with 2 colors white and black. The dinosaur and the obstacles are black and the game's base is white. This helps players quickly identify obstacles and focus on the primary goal. Players can easily control their dinosaurs by using the up arrow key or mouse. When you click on the screen your dinosaur will jump up and jump over obstacles. Play this game and try to get the highest score possible.