Drift F1

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Drive on the exciting track in Drift F1

Drift F1 is an extremely exciting driving journey when you have to participate in an aerial ride. This road is inspired by F1 races with sharp turns. If Madalin Cars Multiplayer is a fiery race on the land, then this game has a special thing the races take place in the air. You have to keep your car balanced on the track and to the finish line. You have to drive very carefully so that your car does not fall off the cliff. You drive your car to the finish line to complete the race.

You will experience driving on many different tracks. These tracks are divided according to the increments of the levels. These tracks will become more difficult as it becomes smaller and more slippery. In addition, this game has a leaderboard to record your score through each level. The highest score will appear on the leaderboard. Let's play and dominate the leaderboard.

How to control your car

You use the mouse to control your car. Hold the mouse to steer and release it to make your car go straight. This track is slippery, so you should steer your car sooner to avoid falling off the track.