Drive Mad

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Have an exciting experience in Drive Mad

Welcome to the Drive Mad game where you will have an exciting driving experience. Here, you will control the car parked at the required location of the game.

Drive Mad is an exciting driving game where you will have the opportunity to drive many different vehicles. The different vehicles of this game are normal cars, long cars, square wheel cars, and so on. Each of these vehicles will have its own way of controlling. This game requires you to have high dexterity as you will fail with a small error. In addition, this game also challenges your driving ability through many different levels. Each level will unlock a specific type of vehicle. Are you confident that you can overcome all the challenges in this game?

Some notes when driving a car

For normal cars, you can control the car normally like in other driving games. You use the arrow keys to control your car. With square wheels, it is very difficult to balance so you should move slowly at first and take advantage of the steep terrain to keep balance. With long cars, you need to move slowly when going uphill. Finally, the cars go in reverse, you need to control the reverse with other cars.