Easter Clicker

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The gameplay of Easter Clicker

Let's create a happy Easter by producing Easter eggs in Easter Clicker, you need to build an egg factory to provide enough ashes this Easter.

This game requires you to produce a large number of eggs for Easter. The first step is to use your mouse and click on a giant egg in the middle of the screen. With each click, you will get an egg. So when you have enough money, you can buy some other support tools to make the game easier. These tools both make your clicks more effective and help produce eggs automatically, in addition, they also add some bonuses. You win when you unlock all the tools and produce five hundred million eggs. Can you win this game? Let's play and create easter eggs by clicking the mouse.

Introduce some tools to help you produce eggs faster

The first tool is Easter Chicken, it has a low production capacity and a very cheap price. The first time you buy this tool you only need to lose twenty eggs, it gives the ability to generate zero points three hits per second, and generates a bonus of ten eggs. Next is Bunny Factory bringing gifts of thirty eggs and Egg Truck with fifty eggs. The next tool like the Easter tree brings a larger gift of five thousand eggs, along with a quite expensive price of up to twelve thousand eggs. Nuclear Eggs are capable of generating two thousand eggs per second and give gifts of fifteen thousand eggs. Finally, Easter Planet will help strengthen all of these tools up to fifteen times. All these tools work towards one goal of winning five hundred million eggs. This number of eggs is a lot but I believe you can overcome this challenge.