Fairway Solitaire

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About Fairway Solitaire

Fairway Solitaire offers you nerve-wracking defeat-related challenges where you have to collect cards to pass different levels. Let's play, now.

This is a very interesting game involving cards, the cards have been shuffled on the board. Some cards have lost value on the board, some values have been hidden, and your task is to unearth all these cards and arrange them in the deck. This game has a completely different arrangement of cards from other games and I will talk about it later. Now we are going to explore the levels of this game, you will play this game through 9 main levels. The levels of the game will be different races in turn and it also has a name for each race. These races are locked and only when you complete the mission in the level before it will the later levels be unlocked. Each race will have 3 missions, you can also fail while doing the mission, but only if you complete these 3 tasks, the new level can be opened. This means that this mission will have no time limit and you can play until you get bored

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Rule of arranging cards

As mentioned above, your task is to arrange the cards that are shuffled, some cards are covered by the card above it. You just need to remove the card that has covered the hidden card and its value will be revealed. This game allows you to collect cards of any value and any color as long as it has consecutive values. This means that you are not required to collect values of the same color or collect values in an increasing or decreasing direction. In a single card collection, you can both collect cards of increasing value and also collect cards of decreasing value. For example, when you draw a 9 you can drop a 7 or a 9, if you choose to collect a 9, then the value of the cards you just drew will change to 9. At this point, you can collect both 8 and 10 cards. It is difficult to say in detail and easy to understand, you should participate in the game to feel. A note when you do the 3rd quest of a level, there will be locked cards, you must collect enough condition cards to be able to unlock these cards. This game will end when you use up all the cards in the game's inventory.

Some useful tips

There is a tip that I recorded during the game, you can refer to it. You should prioritize collecting cards that have hidden cards to know the value of hidden cards, thereby getting a suitable collection method. You should remember that when you get to the K card, you can still collect the ace and continue the sequence to higher. You should collect the cards in both ascending and descending order to maximize the number of cards drawn. When the cards you draw can collect both cards in ascending order and also cards in descending order, the priority is to collect more cards.