Find 500 Differences

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The challenge in Find 500 Difference

Let's play the Find 500 Differences game and challenge your eye. In this game, your mission will be to find the difference between 2 pictures.

This game will give you 2 pictures. These 2 pictures are almost the same, but the left picture will be missing a detailed shoulder. You will have to figure out these details. Usually, each picture will have 3 to 5 different points. You have to find all these differences within 2 minutes. Each time you answer incorrectly you will lose 10 seconds. When time ends and you still haven't found all the differences, you will fail.

How to find the difference between the pictures

To be able to find the difference, you should focus on a specific picture. You should focus on the picture on the right because this picture will have more details than the picture on the left. You should focus on the small details. These details can be completely erased or changed in color. You use the mouse and click where you think is different in the picture. If you choose correctly, a green circle will appear. If you choose wrong, it will show a red X. You find all the differences to complete the challenge of the game.