Find The Way Home Maze Game

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Find The Way Home Maze Game is opening up difficult challenges in a maze. Here, you have to help your character find a way out of this maze.

If you have played the Emoji Maze game, you will be familiar with this game. You will have to play the role of a blue jelly, which is trapped in a giant maze. This maze is inspired by parks so it opens up a lot of paths. With just a little carelessness you can be stuck forever in this maze. The jelly does not want to be stuck in this maze forever, help it escape from here.

Conquer the challenges

The monsters have a rather friendly face, but when you touch it, you will die instantly. As such, you need to avoid these monsters and find your way back home. Since this maze is quite large, you will not be able to determine what will appear next. However, don't worry, the monsters move up and down vertically and left and right horizontally. You just need to know its movement rules to overcome the challenge in the game. In addition, this game has loads of challenges on different levels. Join the game and conquer it.

How to control: use the arrow keys on the keyboard to control.