Fish Eat Fish

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Control your fish and hunt in the ocean

Fish Eat Fish is a fierce survival game where you have to eat a lot of fish to become the dominant fish in the ocean. This game is very dramatic, don't miss it.

In this game, you have the opportunity to control up to three fish and each fish will have a different control method which allows you to control three fish at the same time. The purple fish will be controlled with the WASD key, the green fish will be controlled with the arrow keys and the last fish will be controlled with the mouse. This game is more special than other hunting games in that you have to estimate the size of the prey yourself. You find fish that are small or the same size as you and eat them. If you accidentally touch prey that is larger than you, you will die and the game will end when all three of your fish are dead. The size of your fish will also gradually increase each time you attack other fish. The bigger the fish you eat, the faster its size will increase. So the principle of this game is to avoid big enemies and hunt small fish, try your best to become the greatest predator.

Bond with your friends

Because you can control three fish at the same time, you can also invite your friends to play this game. Each person will control a different fish and the winner is the last one standing.

In case you play alone you should control one fish and hide the remaining fish in a safe location. The hidden fish act as your other life to help you play longer in this game and get higher scores. In the early stages, you should avoid fish of huge size and come back to eat them when you are bigger than them.