Fish Love

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The features of Fish Love

Fish Love is a journey to rescue the love of 2 small fish, these fish are locked in different vases, you have to remove obstacles and bring them back together.

This game will last for many different levels, and these fishes will be split in each level. You need to complete the challenge to bring these two fish together safely, in the process you will encounter obstacles like crabs, and lava, and so on. This crab is very hungry and it can eat the fish if it has a chance to approach the fish. The lava has a very high temperature and it can burn the fish before they can come together. Another difficult thing that you will have to encounter in high levels is the different tanks, they are not too difficult but it requires your luck. When you release the pin you won't know where your fish will go, your odds of correcting are 50 percent.

Delete your obstacles

The game has 2 types of pins, the yellow pin can be pulled out of the tank and the green pin can only move sideways in the tank. This pin has the ability to prevent obstacles that can reach the fish. In some cases, you can use obstacles to solve other obstacles, for example, the crab will easily be burned by lava, but after killing the crab you have to deal with the lava. A more optimal solution to destroy the crabs is to use bombs, after the bomb explodes everything will turn to ashes and disappear.