Fruit Skewer

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The descriptions

Fruit Skewer challenges you with the fruit puzzles, where you have to use a billiard stick and skewer the fruits and clear them from the board.

This game will give you a board with fruits like watermelons, oranges, grapes, and more. You can use a billiard stick to skewer these fruits to remove them. This game will never end until you lose. You can access the Bad Ice Cream website to play this game.

The principles of clearing fruits

This fruit will be divided into 6 cells on the board, and each row will contain four fruits. Each of these sticks will have a maximum of seven skewers, you will lose when you leave seven fruits stuck on the stick because this prevents you from adding more skewers. The condition to destroy these fruits is that you skewer the combination to get three or more fruits of the same type in the table. To trigger new fruits to appear, you need to skewer all the fruits on the row of four fruits. In addition, in the process of destroying these blocks, you can also eat gift boxes, these gift boxes will help you have more time to play the game.