Get 10

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Some features of Get 10

Get 10 is a fun puzzle game where you need to merge numbers of the same value to reach the goal. Your goal in this game is to reach the number 10.

You will take on a challenge in a 6x6 grid. When you first start playing, you just need to enter the simple numbers one, two, three, and four. When these numbers are next to each other, you click and they will merge. You notice that, when you click, all numbers of the same value will merge and form a number with a greater value than it is. For example, when you merge the numbers one together they make a two. When 2 numbers of one stand next to each other and you click on them, they will also form a number of two. This game will end when you have no more values to merge or you reach the number ten. This is an easy mission, win or lose is up to you. Play and conquer this challenge now.

How to merge the number

You find the number that stands next to each other on the board, then you use the mouse and click the number to merge them.